Meet The Team

Zero Negativity is a family-owned and run business. The profiles shown here are just a snapshot of the people you're most likely to interact with as a partner or customer, but we couldn't do what we do without the support, guidance, ideas and help of the whole family.


Dan – CEO (Chief Eco Officer)

A graduate of Leeds Trinity University, Dan started his career as a junior buyer for a household electrical brand, before joining the Police in 2014. He served for 5 years and during that time suffered with depression and PTSD, affected by the things he had seen. It was this that lead him to start Zero Negativity in 2019, with a focus on improving the lives of himself and others, and a passion for raising awareness of mental health and climate change. He moved across the Pennines from York to a village just outside his hometown of Bolton, and set about creating a new life.

Dan is a big Spurs fan despite being as northern as they come (it runs in the family), and also enjoys rugby league, snooker, craft beer and ghost hunting!


Instagram: @zeronegativitydan


Andy – Eco Partnerships Director

Andy (Dan’s Dad!) is the commercial mojo maker here at ZNC. He is passionate about driving ’sustainable' business growth in both senses of the word, Andy has adopted the ZNC mission as his own personal challenge.

The most pragmatic and methodical member of the team, he can’t work without a plan, and if it’s a poor plan we write another one!

Andy started out selling beef paste to supermarkets in the 1980s, before moving on to ice cream, milkshakes and biscuits (no wonder we had happy childhoods). He then founded a consultancy business that for the last 15 years has supported everyone from start-ups and SMEs to some of the biggest consumer goods brands in the world. 

Andy is a passionate Tottenham supporter and lover of golf and foreign language crime dramas.





Mr Ted – Director of Snacking and Daytime Naps

Our former Customer Services Advisor stood down from the role when we realised he couldn’t type or answer the phone without opposable thumbs. He was also often asleep whenever enquiries came in and could be too easily distracted by the sound of the office fridge opening.

Mr Ted is the one that really runs the show around here, always impeccably dressed (as seen here) though without ever wearing trousers, he oversees the food anyone might eat during work hours, and makes sure to take regular naps under the desk because he’s the boss and who are we to tell him not to.

Ted is a big supporter of anything meat-based, and enjoys chasing birds, squirrels and cats, as well as stealing socks from the wash basket (organic cotton socks only of course).

Contact: Unless you've got sausages you've got no chance